The pandemic thrust millions of Americans onto their phones and computer screens for everyday tasks -- for many, it was the only way to communicate with loved ones or do our jobs safely.


Consumers turned to the brands they trusted, with anxieties and uncertainty high.

Samsung Electronics and Sony are the country’s most trusted consumer electronics brands, two examples of established brands with loyal customers. YouTube and Pinterest are the most trusted social media platforms, while Verizon and T-Mobile as the most trusted telecommunications brands.

Average net trust of the tech industry

(Respondents who offered no opinion or said they weren't sure of their trust level of a brand were not calculated in average net trust nor in top brands in consumer trust.)

Consumer trust in the tech industry overall has ticked up roughly five points since Morning Consult began tracking the industry in 2018. But Big Tech only boasts a 17 percentage point net trust rating, significantly lower than other industries such as retail and e-commerce or travel and hospitality.

Share of U.S. adults who used each social media platform at least daily. Responses were gathered among respondents with an account on each platform.

Facebook continues to be the most opened app in the social media ecosystem, with 51 percent of U.S. adults with an account reporting they visit the site at least daily. That self-reported usage has dropped slightly early 2018, when 59 percent said the same.

Daily tracking on Morning Consult Brand Intelligence, which tracks thousands of brands in 15 countries, also shows YouTube and Instagram’s rises in popularity, but the true social media star of the COVID-19 pandemic has been TikTok, which is now ahead of Pinterest and even with Twitter in at-least-daily usage, with no signs of slowing down.

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