Trust in the technology industry is a complicated tale to tell. We have fully integrated so many of the products, software and platforms that the tech industry has dreamed up in the past decade, but data breaches, privacy concerns and misinformation have dented Americans’ trust of Silicon Valley.

To better understand how the tech industry can establish consumer trust, Morning Consult surveyed 4,400 U.S. adults to gauge their overall trust in this industry and to learn how trust is built ­­­— and how it’s broken. Morning Consult also tapped into its flagship platform, Morning Consult Brand Intelligence, to see which tech brands consumers trust the most.

As an expansion of Morning Consult's Most Trusted Brands landscape report, this report explores which consumer electronics, social media and telecommunications brands have garnered the most trust among consumers, how social media usage has shifted amid the pandemic by different demographics and what steps brands can take to best garner trust and increase purchasing intent among users and customers.



Samsung Electronics and Sony are the country’s most trusted consumer electronics brands, while YouTube and Pinterest are the most trusted social media platforms. Consumers chose Verizon and T-Mobile as the most trusted telecommunications brands.


Eleven percent of respondents said the tech industry is the most powerful industry in America, roughly double the share who said the same in 2018 but dwarfed by the share who said the same of the government or the finance sector.


Twenty-one percent of the U.S. public opened a social media account amid the pandemic; 10% said they closed one. More adults say they’re using social media amid the pandemic, with TikTok usage spiking with no signs of a slowdown.


Consumers consistently cited data privacy as their No. 1 driver of purchasing intent and trust builder. Any sort of slip in data protection would send 65% of users away from a brand.

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